Ke Wang

PhD candidate at Department of Computer Science
University of California, Davis

About me

I am currently a PhD candidate at Department of Computer Science, UCDavis, advised by Prof. Zhendong Su. I have been collaborating with Dr. Rishabh Singh at Microsoft Research for the past couple of years.

My research area lies in the intersection of Programming Language, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, specifically on learning semantic representation for programs and program repair.

This year I will be on the job market looking for researcher positions in industrial research labs. Here is my CV and research statement.


A new Microsoft Python Course shipped with the feedback technology is deployed on edX.

Search, Align and Repair for Feedback Generation to appear at PLDI 2018.

Dynamic Neural Program Embedding to appear at ICLR 2018.

ETS reached out for possible adoption of RPM generation.

I am leading a second team to adapt the feedback technology to a new Microsoft Python course to be launched after the new year.

The product is officially deployed to integrate with Microsoft C# course on edX. Here is the blog post .

I am leading a team to productionalize the research on feedback generation for MOOC.